“Four years ago I was first introduced to Mary and Vistage (TEC at that time). My intentions when I decided to join Vistage were to learn from and share with other CEO’s my issues around running my company. I thought the tasks that I was involved with from day to day were what I supposed to be doing. It was not on my radar screen that the biggest transformation that needed to be made was my transition from doing company management to being a company leader. With a leader, the people in my company grew. Ultimately they took over the completion of the important daily management tasks. Now I spend my time growing the company in all the ways that companies need to grow. Through Mary and Vistage I have come to learn, and continue to learn, how important and real that role is.”
David Hintzman, President – Bodypoint, Inc

Meeting with Mary is a talk with a trusted friend – who just happens to be an experienced, intelligent, and street smart business person. Not content with simply helping you achieve your business goals, her aim is to see that your goals are in alignment with the rest of your life. ”
David Lawrence, CEO – Family Resource Home Care

“I have known Mary Marshall for four years as a mentor and as a friend. The relationship began with Mary as the Chair of my Vistage group. Without exaggeration, my Vistage experience has been the single most important factor in my development as a leader of a seventy-plus (70+) physician organization. And Mary has been the linchpin of that experience. While the formal educational aspects of the experience have been vital, it has been and continues to be our personal interaction (One-On- Ones) that has been critical. In the shared journey through the highs and lows in the evolution of our business and me, Mary has become a valued friend and advisor.”
John W. Little MD, FCCP, President – Radia

“There’s little in business that Mary hasn’t seen, heard, or experienced – and if not, she knows just where to find it! The combination of her professional experience and her personable style is just what I needed to move my company forward.”
Paul Vassallo, President – Schultz Miller Inc

“It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Mary Marshall. Since 2004 Mary has been a trusted executive coach to me and an outstanding group facilitator at monthly meetings. As an executive trainer Mary brings unique insightfulness and mentoring expertise to her coaching sessions. Over the years Mary has helped me identify solutions to numerous complex issues and helped me achieve both personal and business goals. As the CEO and shareholder of a private company this objective, outside, accountability has been extremely valuable. As a facilitator Mary is both skilled and diplomatic in keeping a meeting agenda on track and a problem solving session on topic. Mary is confident working with all types of people and is talented in leading groups to innovative, common sense solutions. I would a highly recommend Mary Marshall as both an executive coach and facilitator for large and small companies alike.”
Ted Koehn, President & CEO – Warehouse Demo Services, Inc.

“Mary has proven to be a very valuable external consultant and coach to me, and fills a role that no employee can. She has the rare ability to see both “big picture” of my business and also to zero-in on critical operational and strategic issues, and provide me with objective, actionable suggestions for resolving them. Looking back over the last four years since we started working together, I have to credit her for much of my firm’s success.”
Mike Joslin, President – Joslin Capital