How NOT to Be a Leader

leadershipHow NOT to be a Leader is the first in a series of “How NOT to Guides” for freshly minted leaders looking to avoid becoming the LOSER in the ivory tower, feared or hated by all, or veteran leaders who are looking in the rearview mirror and wondering where and why they ran off the road. Irreverent and hilarious, How NOT to be a Leader shines a big bright spotlight on the oh-so-common mistakes that many leaders make by plowing forward through life and business without taking the time to really consider the effect their leadership is having on others.

We’ve all seen and heard the horror stories of bad leadership, and hopefully many of us have been lucky enough to benefit from truly great leadership – either way, if it’s your turn at the top, How NOT to be a Leader will help you understand what you can do to be a better leader by first understanding what you should never, ever do… and if you are doing the “never evers”, why you should back up the truck, take another look at yourself and your leadership qualities and do the work and self-reflection needed to get back on track.

How Not to Build a Great Team is book number two that will explore what not to do when creating that great executive team to deliver on the vision. Managing people is one of the hardest things to do so we’ll provide you with some awesome ways NOT to do things – from our own personal experience and that of many others.

How Not to Create a Winning Strategy is the last book of the trilogy that will talk about the various ways NOT to deliver on a winning strategy. Once you get the leader and the team in place – what are they going to do? Having that strategy in place to be successful is the final piece for achieving the companies vision.

2 Bossy Broads

2 bossy broadsMy co-conspirator, Kim Obbink, and I have created a business called 2 Bossy Broads.  After being in the corporate and business world for 25+ years, we’ve learned a thing or two about business and decided to write books about what NOT to do and to create a space to promote women being in leadership positions.

“Bossy does not equal Bitchy” – Bossy Rules.

As 2 Bossy Broads, and proud of it, we are committed to finding the Bossy in all women leaders. Having run companies and teams for years, we mistakenly thought the barriers to women being accepted as leaders had been torn down. We were wrong. We are deeply disappointed by the slow pace with which women advance and take their place in the boardrooms, in public office, and at the leadership table.

Congress is still only 20% women (up from 14% in 1995), Fortune 500 boardrooms are still only 10% women, and in most small, to mid-sized businesses, the leadership/ownership roles for women are still only about 30%. While we make up 52% of the world’s population, this is not right.