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Culture disconnect book coverIt’s almost here! I am very pleased to announce that my new book will be arriving at the end of the monthThe Great Culture [Dis]Connect. After many years of working and observing organizations whose culture’s “work” and those that don’t, I’ve put together a practical guide for how to build a business culture that works.

Last spring, I was approached by the publisher to put a talk I’ve been doing called “Intentional Culture” into a book. It has been a privilege for me to put into writing what I have been talking about for years. Culture in a business can be the reason for success or failure and yet it is one of the least understood metrics in a business. Companies that succeed have cultures that work. Companies that don’t have cultures that are chaotic, dysfunctional and toxic. In today’s’ hyper-competitive environment for talent, culture matters.

In the book, I use both positive and negative examples of culture and the results of each. For anyone who has heard my talk, you know I believe it all starts with values. Defining and stating unequivocally what you stand for, who you are, and what the foundation of your business is built on. This can be a difficult exercise for most businesses as they are often afraid of declaring values for fear of offending someone or they just plain don’t know how to do it.

Once the values are established, the rest is pretty simple, but not necessarily easy. Putting in place systems and processes that allow a company to live the values of an intentional culture on a daily basis takes thoughtful planning, collaboration and rigorous adherence to the values. Once a leader or organization fails to hold a value by letting someone or something go, “just this once,” it leads to an unintentional culture much faster than most people realize. Hiring a cultural misfit can lead to chaos because misfits don’t like to be unhappy alone and recruit others to join them and before long, you have cultural terrorists running amok in your organization. The Great Culture [Dis]Connect discusses all of this and shows you how to hire right in the first place and “live” the values of the organization on a daily basis.

In addition to the book coming out at the end of October 2018, look for our new podcast “Culture Connection” to begin in late November with interviews of CEOs and leaders of organizations whose cultures work and learn how they did it.

We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the release date of The Great Culture [Dis]Connect but you can pre-order now by clicking here.

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  1. Mary, greatly look forward to reading what you have written and offer us. I know with your extensive experience, teaching, coaching, and leading both as an entrepreneur and in large organizations you will have hit the ball out of the park!
    Congratulations!! My order is on the way. Best wishes for great success!! Cheers, Rick Fitzgerald ( Montreal, Canada)

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