The Great Culture Disconnect

The Great Culture DisconnectAmazon best seller, The Great Culture [Dis]Connect, is a tool for entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and anyone concerned with the work environment and company culture they are a part of. Filled with both positive and negative examples of company culture, this book will teach you that a company’s foundation is its values. These pages contain everything from how to select values based on your company to how to deal with cultural misfits in your company, as well as looking to the future to build toward the legacy you want your company to leave.

Intertwined is the story of Automation Engineers, a company that ignores values, culture, integrity, and many other elements essential to a business. Discover how this company completely unravels, and learn from their mistakes. The Great Culture [Dis]Connect is essential for everyone who is serious about business and wants to lead their company to success.

The Great Culture [Dis]Connect is available now on Amazon.

Curious about what’s in the book? These videos will introduce you to the content.