Putting Together The Entrepreneurial Puzzle

Putting Together the Entrepreneurial PuzzlePutting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle:
The 10 Pieces Every Business Needs to Succeed

Running a business is like a building a puzzle. There are a lot of pieces that look like they fit, but they don’t. It can be hard to know where to start, which pieces are critical, and where the pieces go. Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle will help you with a few pieces or the whole puzzle, whichever you need.

It’s a combination of 10 key lessons or “puzzle pieces,” that every entrepreneur should at least be conversant with, and if not, help you identify the missing pieces for your business so you can find the right resources. These pieces include:

Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle




Every business needs to understand these elements in order to succeed and this book will help you with any of these pieces that might be a problem or opportunity for your business. Ultimately, it’s up to you to diagnose and solve the problem, and this book will give you some tools that are practical and easily implementable for success. Think of it like that “little black book for business” – your secret weapon.

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Praise for “Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle

“Mary E. Marshall speaks with the authority she has learned and earned. The amount of useful information within each of these `pieces’ is staggeringly helpful. Read this book and realize why some people make a business successful and others fail to appreciate the puzzle pieces. A brilliant contribution to the business world.”

Grady Harp
Amazon Hall of Fame and Top 50 Reviewer

“This invaluable book is packed with wisdom and practicality, delivered in bite-sized slices that are clearly conveyed and spiced with short, memorable examples. This book is exceptionally well organized and provides additional resources for the entrepreneur who wants to delve more deeply into any of the subjects. Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle is the entrepreneur’s private tutor.”

Jeannette Hobson
CEO Mentor
Chair,  CEO Vistage Boards NY and NJ

“Mary is an experienced CEO, executive coach, and trainer who has repeatedly shown her understanding of and commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs through her professional and community work. In her latest endeavor, she has managed to take this commitment one step further by distilling her twenty plus years of experience into a book that is both accessible and practical. Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle is a must read for entrepreneurs at every stage.”

Marcella Fleming Reed
Principal, MFR Law Group

“As one of my CEO peer-advisory group members often laments, “I couldn’t find an owner’s manual for how to run and grow my business.” In fact, most of the business leaders I come across—if they’re being perfectly honest—feel inadequately prepared for the job and have had to learn how to run their businesses through trial and error. This is why Mary E. Marshall’s book is going to be so helpful to so many people. Mary has “been there and done that.” Her personal experience and years of working with business owners helped prepare her to communicate the fundamental lessons entrepreneurs need to learn to take their businesses to the next level. Armed with this book, business owners will be better prepared to successfully lead and manage their own businesses (without having to make every mistake on their own).”

Tom Zahniser
Executive Coach and Vistage Group Chair

“Mary Marshall is a consummate entrepreneur in her own right. What’s more, she’s an excellent observer and synthesizer of the process. Her book captures the best of what she has learned in simple, effective, and executable ideas.”

Dwight Frindt
Vistage Best Practice Chair
Co-Founder, 2130 Partners