Your Advisory Bored

Sent: July 14, 10:30 a.m. From: CEO To: Executive Team Subject: New Advisory Board Meeting at Noon All, Today at noon will be the first meeting of our new advisory board. I want each of you to be prepared to present and speak on where … Read more

Let’s Start Plannicking

Giddy up! Let’s go! Let’s get the plan going. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon now! Yes, some leaders treat the annual planning session like a cattle roundup with one thing in mind: the plan. But don’t expect them to give you a definition of what the plan … Read more

Social Irresponsibility

You’re Invited! What: A Dinner Party/Fundraiser Why: To Support Anytown’s Homeless Population Where: The Estate of Our Founder, Bill Brookstone, in South Highlands Please join us for an evening of wine, dinner, and song. Our homeless population is important to us, so we at Brookstone … Read more

Pass the Aggressive

Sent: January 13, 10:30 a.m. From: Alisson To: Brenda, CEO & Founder Alisson here from accounting. At the last staff meeting, you said that if anyone had any questions they wanted to discuss with you directly, you’d make yourself available. Well, I do have some … Read more

Type A Is For A$$hole

Sent: September 17 From: CEO To: Exec. Team Subject: Anti-Harassment Training OK, guys, It’s that time of year again that we have to sit through listening to HR tell us how we’re supposed to behave. So, show up, behave, and put your time in. I … Read more

Silence Is Not Golden

It landed on Carol’s desk with the muffled thump of a dead body wrapped in a heavy, wet flannel blanket. A neat but heavy package, it was a nine-by-twelve-inch envelope no less than four inches thick. FedEx had delivered it that morning, and the receptionist … Read more

Accountability Free Workplaces

Sent: September 9 From: CEO To: Executive Team Subject: Launch Date for New Warehouse in Texas Team, Per our 2019 strategic plan, we were supposed to have a timeline worked out for the new warehouse in Texas. At our last meeting, we agreed that you … Read more