Values in Action

We had a perfect example of values in action last week when a lone Senator stood up for his values. In this day and age of hyper-partisanship, it’s very hard to hear over the din, but Senator Mitt Romney made an impassioned speech to a … Read more

Deals Only Work When Values Align

Right before the holidays began, Warren Buffet explained one of his deeply held business rules. He only does deals and works with those he likes. Period. This is true values alignment and without it, things usually take a bad turn quickly. As he says, he … Read more

Good Leaders Are Loyal

David Brooks of the New York Times wrote a great piece about loyalty comparing two philosophers, William James, and Josiah Royce. You may not have heard of Josiah Royce? He believed that to have a functioning society, we need unity, not division, and above all, … Read more

Good Business Culture Is Good Business

One of my long-held beliefs about business is that culture is the key to success for any business large or small. My new book The Great Culture [Dis]Connect contrasts “good” and “bad” cultures, (which are really just ineffective cultures), and shows you a way to … Read more

The Great Culture [Dis]Connect

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who have watched and listened to my videos with excerpts from my new book, The Great Culture [Dis]Connect. The official release is Friday, December 7th and it will be available on Amazon starting that day. If … Read more

The Great Culture [Dis]Connect

It’s almost here! I am very pleased to announce that my new book will be arriving at the end of the month – The Great Culture [Dis]Connect. After many years of working and observing organizations whose culture’s “work” and those that don’t, I’ve put together … Read more

Hire for Character and Train Skills

“Hire Character. Train Skill.” – Peter Schutz In this hyper-competitive environment where employers are battling for talent, the desire to shortcut the process and make an offer to someone is intense. However, hiring a cultural misfit will end up costing you so much time and money, not … Read more

Values Will Save You

I can’t count the number of times I’ve brought up “values” with leaders of organizations as a way to solve a problem only to be met with a knowing smile. Then the leader goes on to explain what the organization’s values are and how they … Read more