(How NOT to) Be a Leader

leader leadershipAs you know, I am frequently talking about leadership and what it takes to be a good or even great leader. Along these lines, about a year ago, a good friend and CEO colleague of mine, Kim Obbink, started reminiscing about bad leadership stories. We were surprised and a little dismayed that we had shared some of the same experiences of bad leadership. Our conversations led us to the realization that there were just as many lessons about good leadership in those awful bad leadership experiences. (And just to be completely transparent, some of those stories may just have been about us!) Let’s face it, if you’ve been in the leadership seat for any amount of time, there will always be a few moments where you wish you had a mulligan or a do-over.

We set about to capture those stories in a way that would be entertaining while also conveying a message of “How NOT to” because if you’re like us, no one likes to be told what to do. So, we’ll happily tell you what “NOT” to do in the hopes that you’ll take away a few gems, laugh a little, and be a better leader as a result. We’ve identified 24 traits or characteristics that you do NOT want to emulate and essentially recommend that you do the opposite.

(How NOT to) Be a Leader is the first in a series of three books; “(How NOT to) Build a Great Team” and “(How NOT to) Create a Winning Strategy” will be published by the end of the year. Our hope is that you will take these “I can read it on an airplane” style of books and find an inspiration or two to help you be a better leader. Or pass it along to that leader who could use a little reality check – perhaps as a little mirror into how others see him or her?

We hope you enjoy our tongue-in-cheek manifesto about leadership and what good leaders do. Pass it on to those who might need a laugh, need a leadership course correction, or will just find it interesting to get a different perspective on (How NOT to) Be a Leader.

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