Minding your Business Culture

Whenever you get that “feeling” that something is off in the company, you’re right. The key is finding and identifying the issue quickly before the business culture changes in a direction you did not intend. Facebook is a good example of an organization that is … Read more

Signs of a Toxic Workplace

Last month there was a good piece in Forbes about what makes a toxic workplace. You might be thinking, as I was, why would you need a list? It’s pretty easy to spot? But in fact, the author makes a good point. It’s the thing … Read more

Phony Company Cultures

You hear a lot these days about the wild company cultures and perks of some of the tech start-ups – some true and some not so true. The trend has been to create work environments that felt more like home so people would stay longer … Read more

Turning Around a Negative Business Culture

Workplace negativity can bring down an entire team. It erodes morale and productivity. The culture quickly follows the downward spiral and becomes “unintentionally negative.” In today’s competitive hiring arena, this becomes a real Achilles’ heal for an employer. The problem is not only the few … Read more

Learning Cultures are Critical

One of the requirements of the current, younger workforce (Millennial’s, Gen X, Gen Y) is personal education. In other words, what they are saying to employers is “what’s in it for me to stay here?” And what they are looking for is a way to … Read more

What Makes Teams Work?

Last week I wrote about the traits of individual team members and how sometimes superstars do not make good teammates and can negatively impact performance. Shortly after that, there was a detailed piece in The New York Times about a research project that Google did … Read more

A Winning Culture

When we think about successful businesses we look at their products, services, and people and know that somehow there was alignment, a plan was executed well, and perhaps a little magic happened too. But at the heart of any business is usually something more – … Read more

Business Culture and Values

There is a lot of talk recently about culture in an organization, both good and bad. I think what everyone finally agrees on is that  business culture matters and those identified as “good” cultures usually produce results far exceeding their peers. So what makes a … Read more