Lessons Learned Are 4 Losers

Notes for my Leadership Memoir: Let’s take a lesson from Tom, the newly minted and inexperienced CEO. When you’re the new CEO on the block, everyone is looking at you to do great things. Some, like your employees and especially the leadership team, are a … Read more

Titles Are Forever

Sent: September 20 From: CEO To: HR Subject: Chief of Compassion Jennifer, Please prepare a promotion package for Randy. I believe this new role, Chief of Compassion, will be much better suited to what he does on a regular basis. We need someone with his … Read more

Compensation: Show Me the Money

From: Amy Hoohoo, Director of HR To: Jeff Parson Subject: Job Offer Dear Jeff, We are pleased to present you with this formal offer for employment with the Acme Corporation as our new director of corporate communications. This is a full-time salaried position located in … Read more

Leadership: Gifting Greatnesss

You will never see “She made me what I am today” written on anyone’s tombstone. But a leader’s job is just that: identifying the individual strengths that each team member comes to the table with; coaxing, leading, training, cajoling, and developing those strengths into greatness. … Read more

Talking About Fight Club

Management Team Quarterly Meeting Agenda: Warehouse workflow Holiday schedules and hours for next week Annual performance review deadlines ERP system maintenance Monthly sales results CEO: Thanks for coming to the meeting today, guys. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get rolling. We’ve got … Read more

Team Dynamics: Blurry Vision

Sent: September 17, 8:00 a.m. From: Chuck, Sales Team Manager To: Tom, VP of Sales Subject: Account Assignment Tom, Hey man, we need to talk. I’ve been asked by the team to call a meeting with you to discuss how you’ve been assigning accounts across … Read more

Grading on the Curve

Sent: August 8 From: CEO To: Department Heads Subject: Stack-Ranking Deliverable Department Heads I want to see all of your rankings for your employees in my inbox by Friday. I know you all disagree with my methodology; however, it’s not up to you. I’ve listened … Read more

Team Dynamics: Frat House Frenzy

Sent: October 1 From: Scott, CEO To: All Employees Subject: Business Travel Rules Hey guys, Just want to clarify a few things—btw, I know you’re not all guys and I should probably change that greeting, but hey, I built this company and I’m not going … Read more