What’s the Plan?

It’s hard to believe we’re already into February of 2018! And my hunch? You’ve probably barely had a chance to reflect on the strategic plan for the year, let alone craft one. Entrepreneur’s, in particular, are loath to take time out to create, review or … Read more

Attention Seattle Entrepreneurs!

For the 6th consecutive year, the Seattle Office of the Small Business Administration will be sponsoring the Emerging Leaders course. This is a 7-month course that helps entrepreneurs create a strategic growth plan for their business that actually works. With over 100 graduates in the … Read more

The Name Game

When entrepreneurs start up a business one of the decisions to be made is the name. A large portion of our businesses are named after the owner (yours truly included). While this may be an easy way to get things started, it may not always … Read more

Inspirational Entrepreneurs

Last week we had 18 local entrepreneurs graduate from the Seattle Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders program. Each one of the business owners created a strategic plan for their business that will carry them to 2020 and beyond. For seven months they attended classes and … Read more

An Entrepreneurial Black Eye

Entrepreneurs have a hard enough time without being compared to “Bro CEOs” and their bad behavior. As this Op-Ed piece points out, the behavior of these self-centered man-boys gives a black eye to all those who toil away to run a decent business, provide jobs … Read more

A CEO Recognizes His Team

The case of Chobani is a classic entrepreneurial story. Hamdi Ulukaya, founder, and CEO is a Turkish immigrant who saw how to make something that no one else was doing well – Greek yogurt – and take it to another level. Last week he announced … Read more