I’m Baaack!

Mary Marshall entrepreneurshipAfter a 4.5 year hiatus at Vistage corporate, I’m back to what I love most. Working with entrepreneurs. Helping Leaders discover and execute what they already know so they can be more effective in business and in life. Helping them step away from the business so they can work on it, not in it.

I very much enjoyed the ride as Senior VP and leader of the Western Division for Vistage and made so many valuable relationships and learned so much that I will forever be grateful to the Chairs, the staff and the members. We were able to initiate some great programs and help the Chairs and Members maximize the value of their memberships. Of course there were things that didn’t work out so well and I probably learned as much or more from those initiatives than the successful ones!

If you didn’t already know this about me, I’m all about change. So the natural change for me is to start a new company. Marshall Advisors, LLC is dedicated to helping leaders design and implement successful change initiatives by building trust in the leadership and working with teams to deliver. Our approach is to advise and coach the leadership so they can more effectively coach and manage their teams for successful outcomes. Sometimes an outsider can see more objectively where trust is or isn’t than the leader who is in the midst of it.  Without trust, change is a hard concept for most to adopt. Remember the story of the frog and the boiling pot – when placed into a pot of boiling water he will jump out.  When placed in a pot of cold water slowly heated to boiling, he will stay in and die. It’s about the level of contrast – without stark contrast (cold/hot) we often don’t know when danger is approaching because it’s too subtle. What are you missing in your business because it’s always been that way?  I am sure your competitors are looking at it differently then you are – they often see the contrast before you do.

This is the first of my blogs on business topics that I hope will be provocative and get you thinking differently about your business – noticing the contrast. If you have ideas or questions that you would like to share, please reach out as I would love to hear from you.

As always, as Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, thank you for your contribution by providing jobs and running successful businesses that help to grow our economy every day.