Does Passion Lead to Success?

According to a July 8th article in Forbes passion actually leads to failure. This is news to me because some of my most passionate entrepreneurial clients are quite successful. And, ahem, Steve Jobs was certainly considered a “passionate” leader, at least about the innovation and … Read more

Time to Call it a Day?

Succession, or exiting your business is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. So how do you know when the time is right? It’s likely not going to be when you think so one strategy is to always be ready for the conversation. … Read more

You Might Be An Entrepreneur If…

I saw something the other day that talked about the differences between a situational entrepreneur and a “true” entrepreneur. They defined a true entrepreneur as one who built something that grew into a large publically traded entity.  I would venture to say that there are … Read more

Leadership Puzzler – Who’s in Charge?

A situation I have been faced with many times as a coach is working with partners, or multiple business owners, most frequently at professional services firms. These are typically well-educated professionals who have degrees in fields like law, accounting, manufacturing, medicine, marketing, architecture and others. … Read more

Role of the CEO Leader

So what is the role of the CEO really? What makes a good leader? CNN Money recently put out its list of the top 50 Leaders and I looked to see what, if any, commonalities there were within this diverse group. There were a lot – … Read more