Creating a Giving Culture at Work

You’ve all been asked to support various causes at work. Maybe it’s been your co-worker’s child’s softball team or the current company cause. These are all great, assuming they are in alignment with the company values and policies and truly assist someone or some organization … Read more

Where Have All the Entrepreneurs Gone?

I was surprised to read the front page article in the WSJ this week entitled “Risk-Averse Culture Infects US workers, Entrepreneurs.” It goes on to talk about the decline in new business starts, investment in new business, fewer jobs created by entrepreneurial businesses, and lack … Read more

Leaders vs. Managers

Lately it seems that a lot of my work has been about the role or definition of a manager vs. a leader. I was surprised that there are as many interpretations of the roles as there are definitions in Webster’s Dictionary. You need both, and … Read more

Predictors vs. Resistors

I am frequently asked, “What makes a great leader?” There are a lot of good answers to this question, but when I really think about the most successful, respected leaders, one characteristic comes to mind – predicting what’s ahead down the road. Knowing what direction … Read more