Interviewing the Introvert

You may have heard of author Susan Cain and her book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” The book has been extremely successful and has clearly resonated with many people. It has many implications for the workforce, and Susan … Read more

And So Goes the Culture…

In my approach to business an organization’s culture is absolutely critical. I’ve written multiple blogs about it, and talked about how to create a great culture in my book, Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle, (in Chapter 2, “Intentional Culture”). Lately I have started wondering how … Read more

Does Passion Lead to Success?

According to a July 8th article in Forbes passion actually leads to failure. This is news to me because some of my most passionate entrepreneurial clients are quite successful. And, ahem, Steve Jobs was certainly considered a “passionate” leader, at least about the innovation and … Read more

What Is Your Company “The Best” At?

When people talk about “marketing,” they often get focused on one aspect, such as “branding.” However, marketing is so much more than that. There are literally more than a hundred different aspects of marketing and specialists in each. So it’s not just about the branding, … Read more

Living Your Culture

This week I led a webinar for HR That Works called “How to Create an Intentional Culture,” (based on Chapter 2 of Putting Together the Entrepreneurial Puzzle). We did polling questions throughout the webinar with some interesting results. According to this group of HR professionals: … Read more