An Opportunity to Lead – From Coach to CEO

leadership opportunityA couple of weeks ago, I talked about opportunities that come knocking when we least expect them and asked whether or not you open the door?

Ironically, an opportunity came knocking for me and I have decided to go for it! One of my clients, Symetrix, Inc., has asked me to become their CEO. I have worked with the leadership team over the years on strategy, sales and organizational design, but never expected this turn of events. (Find out more here)

Leadership opportunities rarely show up when you are looking for them. They sneak up on you when you’re looking the other way and when I really looked at this opportunity, I couldn’t say no. The company has great products, great people, great processes and is positioned nicely to take advantage of the synergy of it all coming together. There is nothing to fix, no big changes to make, just an awesome entrepreneurial company with big dreams. I like big dreams and I plan to make them a reality with the amazing team of people that are Symetrix.

So what does that mean for Marshall Advisors, LLC? Not to worry, check out my Trusted Partners page and you will see many terrific resources you can turn to and I’ll be happy to make recommendations for you as well.

Another piece of good news I am excited to share – the book I’ve been working on for entrepreneurs, “Solving the Entrepreneurial Puzzle” is due out this fall. At Symetrix, I’ll have the opportunity to continue using all the things I’ve been working on over the last several years. The concepts in the book will be “tried and tested” many times! Look for updates on my website for news about the book.

I am going to continue blogging, as I’m sure I’ll have lessons from the leadership trenches and want to share in the hopes it helps your entrepreneurial journey.

Leading is about learning and I’ll have the opportunity to do both at Symetrix. Right now, I’ll need to listen carefully, lead slowly and learn all I can about the company, its products and its people from a new vantage point and deeper level to help design a strategy to get us where we want to be. I can’t wait to get started!

See you on the entrepreneurial road!