Employee Handbook

This should be the guidebook for everything employee related within your company. There are numerous samples and templates available to you to create an employee handbook, but the cautionary words are less is more. The more complex your handbook is, the more rigidly you’ll have … Read more

Celebrating the Wins

Winning teams love to celebrate. We’ve all been involved with companies that have “employee of the year” awards or other annual rewards. Whether or not these are actually rewarding and motivating depends on how the recipients are chosen and the awards administered. A big part … Read more

Fostering Collaboration

Let me preface this by saying that collaboration is not as important in some companies as in others, and in some it’s not important at all. For example, some outside consulting firms might not care if their people work together productively, because collaboration isn’t a … Read more

Performance Reviews

While performance reviews can provide valuable feedback and coaching to an employee, most do not. The keys to a good performance review are consistency, brevity, clarity, and a mutual agreement on the plan going forward. Let’s go over each of these points in more depth. … Read more

Employee Surveys

Your employees are a great source of information about how your company is doing, both internally and externally. Remember, your job is to grow your people. As the CEO, you want to know what your employees think and feel about your organization so you can … Read more