Defining Your Intentional Vision

Your vision is the future you are making. It’s where you want your company to be in a given time frame. Defining your intentional vision is about looking beyond the constraints of the present and seeing what could be. In developing your vision statement, try … Read more

Defining Your Intentional Mission

The importance of really clarifying your mission is that everything else flows from it. Consider your mission the foundation of your business: a shaky foundation produces a weak business. Once you know your mission, you can begin to ask and answer important strategic questions within … Read more

Defining Your Values

While values are often tagged on after mission and vision, as I’ve just said, it’s important that you start your Intentional Purpose exercise by defining your values first. Values are the foundation of your business identity and they should inform all the decisions you make. … Read more

Grubbing It Out

Congratulations, founder! You made it! The final chapter in your leadership journey has finally arrived. You have graduated from the school of hard knocks, clawed your way to the top, maybe even broken the glass ceiling, and the day is finally—finally—here. After countless meetings with … Read more

Identity Theft

Sent: October 18, 11:29pm From: Jodi, Founder & CEO To: Jen Subject: Margaritaville! Jen, I’m so glad you talked me into taking this trip! I’m so excited! Just imagine—three weeks in sunny Mexico. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a vacation for this long. Of … Read more

The Phantom of the Offer

CEO Notes Journal Entry December 13 It’s finally going to happen!!! I spoke to the broker today, and he confirmed the buyer is very interested and that we’re in the ballpark of our asking price and the terms of the deal are all good. Boy, … Read more

Division of Multiples

MINUTES OF PHOENIX RISERS’ BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING NOVEMBER 18th 9:01: Discussion of sale begins. Strategic plan has been successful; revenue growth, gross margin, and profit margin all aligned and on track based on feedback from Shuster & Schuckster Investment House. 9:16: CFO discusses the … Read more

Loyalty to Comrades

Sent: September 1 From: Dean Chompers, CEO To: Rick Dogood, Premium Investors Subject: Offer Letter Rick, I have some serious concerns about the offer and the deal points. In section 3, it discusses the payout packages for Larry and Joe, both of whom have been … Read more