Talking About Fight Club

Management Team Quarterly Meeting Agenda: Warehouse workflow Holiday schedules and hours for next week Annual performance review deadlines ERP system maintenance Monthly sales results CEO: Thanks for coming to the meeting today, guys. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get rolling. We’ve got … Read more

Team Dynamics: Blurry Vision

Sent: September 17, 8:00 a.m. From: Chuck, Sales Team Manager To: Tom, VP of Sales Subject: Account Assignment Tom, Hey man, we need to talk. I’ve been asked by the team to call a meeting with you to discuss how you’ve been assigning accounts across … Read more

Grading on the Curve

Sent: August 8 From: CEO To: Department Heads Subject: Stack-Ranking Deliverable Department Heads I want to see all of your rankings for your employees in my inbox by Friday. I know you all disagree with my methodology; however, it’s not up to you. I’ve listened … Read more

Team Dynamics: Frat House Frenzy

Sent: October 1 From: Scott, CEO To: All Employees Subject: Business Travel Rules Hey guys, Just want to clarify a few things—btw, I know you’re not all guys and I should probably change that greeting, but hey, I built this company and I’m not going … Read more

Team Building for Toddlers

Sent: August 8th From: CEO To: Extended Management Team Subject: Leadership Retreat To all, I’m very excited to share the agenda for our leadership retreat coming up in two weeks. First of all, our destination is a total score! We were able to schedule this … Read more

Team Dynamics: Pissed-Off Posse

Sent: March 5, 6:00 a.m. From: Cindy, CEO To: Karen, Chief Strategy Officer; Steve, Chief Operations Officer Subject: Leveling the Playing Field Steve and Karen, Good morning, you two. Hey, so I have been thinking about next week’s strategic planning session. I know you both … Read more

Hiring: Red Staplers

Sent: September 17, 8:00 a.m. From: Diana, Director of Human Resources To: Joe, Founder & CEO Subject: Sam Joe, I know you think the world of Sam, and he’s been with the company for going on twenty years, but this is literally the fourteenth position … Read more