A Woman Who Leaned In

Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, “Lean In,” starts a conversation about why women don’t “lean in” to leadership opportunities. Regardless of your views of the late Margaret Thatcher, she was definitely a woman who leaned in. Politics aside, she did so many things that her detractors … Read more

Failure IS an Option

Why are we so afraid of failure? Does it make us look bad? Will dire consequences happen if we fail? Do we really believe that “failure is not an option” – like the famous movie line from Apollo 13? In fact, failure was necessary in … Read more

The Power of Triads – Good for You and Your Career

A recent article in the WSJ entitled “Tracking Sensors Invade the Workplace,” caught my attention. First, the thrust of the article was all about tracking employees to boost productivity, an intrusive and not very employee friendly approach. The study was conducted at Bank of America’s … Read more

Leaders vs. Managers

Lately it seems that a lot of my work has been about the role or definition of a manager vs. a leader. I was surprised that there are as many interpretations of the roles as there are definitions in Webster’s Dictionary. You need both, and … Read more

The Illusion of Time Management

Can you really “manage time?” So many books, presentations and training sessions are devoted to “time management” that one would think it’s something you can manage. However, time is a constant, it never changes. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a … Read more

Predictors vs. Resistors

I am frequently asked, “What makes a great leader?” There are a lot of good answers to this question, but when I really think about the most successful, respected leaders, one characteristic comes to mind – predicting what’s ahead down the road. Knowing what direction … Read more