Where Have All the Entrepreneurs Gone?

I was surprised to read the front page article in the WSJ this week entitled “Risk-Averse Culture Infects US workers, Entrepreneurs.” It goes on to talk about the decline in new business starts, investment in new business, fewer jobs created by entrepreneurial businesses, and lack … Read more

Risk Taking and Innovation

Recently, I’ve talked about innovation and what stops us from taking advantage of opportunities. A recent article in the WSJ – “What Makes a Risk Taker” – summarized several studies to conclude that in the right context even the most cautious individual can be a risk taker. And what … Read more

Great Ideas Come from a Quiet Mind

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “How Entrepreneurs Come up with Great Ideas,” asked leaders how they did it and where their inspirations came from. I noticed two common themes. First, that in order for inspiration to strike, many founders said they were … Read more