HR – Outside Resources

For smaller companies, it’s important to find a resource that can function as your HR expert(s). There are several ways to go about getting outside help and it is invaluable because they will review your employee handbook, answer legal questions, and recommend other kinds of … Read more

HR and Your Employee Handbook

In most organizations, human resources is the department within the organization that supports your most valuable resource: all things “human.” Companies with fewer than fifty employees frequently delegate this to the Controller, Office Manager, or whichever manager says, “Yes, I’m good with people.” In this … Read more

Assessment Tools

In addition to strategic interviewing, you’ll most likely want to use some kind of assessment tool to augment the interview process. Some tools, such as Personalysis, will only be appropriate for final candidates in key positions. Others, such as Behavior Styles, are short and inexpensive … Read more

Developing Interview Questions

Identifying Specific Behavioral Traits: Before you start developing your interview questions, go back to your job description and identify three or four behavioral traits that you’ll be interviewing for. You’re not really looking for personality characteristics; you’re looking for specific behavioral traits that are required … Read more

Hiring Part Two

Determine Your Hiring Process When your company’s most important asset is the people who represent you and do the work, it’s critical to have an established process for recruiting and hiring. Hiring is, in fact, the most important process in your business. In developing your … Read more