Creating Your Executive Team

The process you go through to create your Executive Team will be emulated by your direct reports to create theirs. Make sure that process is worthy of repeating. Be a mentor. If you’ve made mistakes, share them. If you’ve done something that worked well, share … Read more

Creating a One Year Vision

The best way to avoid being taken by surprise with the makeup of your executive team is to plan ahead by creating a one-year vision. Your one-year vision will allow you to clarify what positions need to be filled and under what terms, while also … Read more

Strategic Delegation

What Talent Do You Need on Your Team? There is a big difference between being the conductor and being first violin in the orchestra. One is about accomplishing a group goal and one is about accomplishing a personal goal. The conductor of the orchestra is … Read more

Developing Yourself as a CEO

Learning from Your Past Leadership Roles Think about the times you’ve held leadership roles in your life. (You may have been class president, a scout leader, a team leader in sports.) What were you doing? What team did you put together? Think through your past … Read more

Defining Your Values

While values are often tagged on after mission and vision, as I’ve just said, it’s important that you start your Intentional Purpose exercise by defining your values first. Values are the foundation of your business identity and they should inform all the decisions you make. … Read more

Grubbing It Out

Congratulations, founder! You made it! The final chapter in your leadership journey has finally arrived. You have graduated from the school of hard knocks, clawed your way to the top, maybe even broken the glass ceiling, and the day is finally—finally—here. After countless meetings with … Read more