Risk Taking and Innovation

Recently, I’ve talked about innovation and what stops us from taking advantage of opportunities. A recent article in the WSJ – “What Makes a Risk Taker” – summarized several studies to conclude that in the right context even the most cautious individual can be a risk taker. And what … Read more

Great Ideas Come from a Quiet Mind

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “How Entrepreneurs Come up with Great Ideas,” asked leaders how they did it and where their inspirations came from. I noticed two common themes. First, that in order for inspiration to strike, many founders said they were … Read more

A Woman Who Leaned In

Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, “Lean In,” starts a conversation about why women don’t “lean in” to leadership opportunities. Regardless of your views of the late Margaret Thatcher, she was definitely a woman who leaned in. Politics aside, she did so many things that her detractors … Read more

Failure IS an Option

Why are we so afraid of failure? Does it make us look bad? Will dire consequences happen if we fail? Do we really believe that “failure is not an option” – like the famous movie line from Apollo 13? In fact, failure was necessary in … Read more