Hiring: Day One Dilemma

First Day at Large Technology Company in Redmond, Washington Nancy had just started her new position as a mid-level executive in the marketing division at Large Technology Company after going through a two-month recruiting and interviewing process. She interviewed with over ten different people and … Read more

We Love You, You’re Hired

Sent: July 25, 11:30 p.m. From: CEO To: Executive Team Subject: Jim’s Interview Hi, everyone. Thanks for taking the time to interview Jim McDonald this afternoon. He comes highly recommended by our board for the VP of Sales position. I know he’s the first and … Read more

Hiring: It’s OK Just This Once

Notes for an upcoming book on leadership from the desk of the tone-deaf leader: When hiring, way too much value is placed on values. (Ohh, that’s a great title! Man, I’m so clever!) This seems to be the new buzzword, but frankly, it’s completely overrated. … Read more

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Interviewing candidates—you either love it or  you hate it. Well guess what, if you hate it, you’d better start loving it because it’s one of the most important things you can do to build a great team. And to build great teams within your organization, … Read more

How (NOT) to Build a Great Team

Last year my co-author Kim Obbink and I published, “How (NOT) To Build A Great Team.” It’s the second in our series of “how-not-to guides for leaders and managers,” and like our first book, “How (NOT) To Be A Leader,” it’s a quick-read collection of … Read more