Time to Call it a Day?

Succession, or exiting your business is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. So how do you know when the time is right? It’s likely not going to be when you think so one strategy is to always be ready for the conversation. … Read more

You Might Be An Entrepreneur If…

I saw something the other day that talked about the differences between a situational entrepreneur and a “true” entrepreneur. They defined a true entrepreneur as one who built something that grew into a large publically traded entity.  I would venture to say that there are … Read more

Entrepreneurs Have the Edge

Great article this week in the Wall Street Journal from the C-Suite (View from the Top) with several observations and comments from those who own the seats. What stood out for me were a couple of key lessons from the entrepreneurs that were interviewed. First … Read more

The Entrepreneur in All of Us

I just finished reading Daniel Pink’s new book, “To Sell is Human,” where he discussed the fact that we are really always selling, whether we call it that or not.  He has some great tips on how to embrace selling, become better at it, and … Read more

Where Have All the Entrepreneurs Gone?

I was surprised to read the front page article in the WSJ this week entitled “Risk-Averse Culture Infects US workers, Entrepreneurs.” It goes on to talk about the decline in new business starts, investment in new business, fewer jobs created by entrepreneurial businesses, and lack … Read more