The Entrepreneur in All of Us

Putting Together The Entrepreneurial Puzzle entrepreneursI just finished reading Daniel Pink’s new book, “To Sell is Human,” where he discussed the fact that we are really always selling, whether we call it that or not.  He has some great tips on how to embrace selling, become better at it, and how to embrace what is really a natural state for all humans. It’s a good read.

What I started thinking about as a result was that a phenomenon even larger or more primal than “selling” is the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us. Let’s face it, somewhere deep inside even the most cautious or introverted person, an entrepreneur is just waiting for a chance to come out. If we accept Pink’s premise that to sell is human, it is still something we “do.” Entrepreneurship is something we are. America was and is built on the backs of hard working entrepreneurs.

  • Currently 99.7% of all employer firms are made up of small businesses, as defined by fewer than 500 employees.
  • Small businesses provide 49.2% of private sector employment and produce 64% of all net new private sector jobs.
  • In 2009 there were 27.9 million small businesses in the US and only 18,500 firms with 500 or more employees.

We are a nation of entrepreneurs. So what stops so many of us from starting that business? Taking action on that million dollar idea? Realizing that we’re going to have so much more fun working for ourselves and we can make a good living as well? As with anything, it’s fear. Fear that we’ll make a mistake, lose our life savings, or fail.

As you know, my passion is for entrepreneurs – in all shapes and sizes because I do believe we all have a dream and we’re wired to make it happen. Some just never turn on the switch. My personal mission is to help all those would be entrepreneurs come out of the closet and get started. Take the leap, even if you fail, because from failure will come an even better idea. I also want to help those who have taken the leap to entrepreneurship, but have hit a road block or constraint and can’t figure out the next moves.

My inner-entrepreneur led me to finally publish my new book, “Putting Together the Pieces of the Entrepreneurial Puzzle: The 10 Pieces Every Business Needs to Succeed. It’s a handbook that will help you with practical advice for your next step. Even if your idea is only a tiny grain of sand that has yet to form into your dream, this book can help you craft your Vision. If you’re a more savvy entrepreneur, but are stuck at a certain growth phase and can’t figure out the path forward, I’m betting there is a puzzle piece with your name on it. Read one chapter or the whole book. It’s meant to be used like a manual you can refer to repeatedly as needed. No long boring stories to make a point. Just the tips and tools every entrepreneur needs to succeed. Each month I’ll post one “piece of the puzzle” on my website for *free* starting this month. To get your first piece you will find a link to download Chapter 1 by clicking here. If you want all 10 pieces right away, I invite you to order a copy from my fellow Seattleite and mega entrepreneur Jeff Bezos.