What Employees Want

There was an interesting section in the Wall Street Journal this weekend about the Top Employers in the US. The section was paid advertising, so I don’t give the rankings much credence as it’s one of those pay to play “awards.” However, there was a … Read more

Strategic Speed and Leadership

Ever heard the old saying, “Why is there never enough time to do it right, but always enough time to do it over?” Organizational cultures that have a need for speed can actually slow down strategically in their quest to get things done quickly. This … Read more

Disruption: Good or Bad?

When thinking about disruption, I think we automatically associate “bad” with the term. We believe a disruption is something out of the ordinary, or something that requires attention or change. When we look at dictionary.com, one of the definitions is: “ e.g. The news disrupted … Read more

Where Have All the Entrepreneurs Gone?

I was surprised to read the front page article in the WSJ this week entitled “Risk-Averse Culture Infects US workers, Entrepreneurs.” It goes on to talk about the decline in new business starts, investment in new business, fewer jobs created by entrepreneurial businesses, and lack … Read more

The Power of Triads – Good for You and Your Career

A recent article in the WSJ entitled “Tracking Sensors Invade the Workplace,” caught my attention. First, the thrust of the article was all about tracking employees to boost productivity, an intrusive and not very employee friendly approach. The study was conducted at Bank of America’s … Read more

Leaders vs. Managers

Lately it seems that a lot of my work has been about the role or definition of a manager vs. a leader. I was surprised that there are as many interpretations of the roles as there are definitions in Webster’s Dictionary. You need both, and … Read more