What Employees Want

There was an interesting section in the Wall Street Journal this weekend about the Top Employers in the US. The section was paid advertising, so I don’t give the rankings much credence as it’s one of those pay to play “awards.” However, there was a … Read more

Interviewing the Introvert

You may have heard of author Susan Cain and her book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” The book has been extremely successful and has clearly resonated with many people. It has many implications for the workforce, and Susan … Read more

Leadership Myths Debunked

Last week, the Wall Street Journal had a section devoted to HR with several good articles, but one in particular caught my attention – “The Inner Workings of the Executive Brain.” The author explained that much of what we believe about how good managers “think” … Read more

Debrief or Repeat

Debrief, post-mortem or oil change – no matter what you call it, it needs to be done. It is the final step to any project, initiative, strategy or action that more than one person was involved in. The purpose of the debrief is to understand … Read more